The ALLUNY Newsletter, the official publication of the Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York, Inc. (a Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries), and is provided as a benefit of membership through the website and the ALLUNY Listserv. The editors reserve the right to make final publication decisions. The opinions expressed in the Newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of the Association.

Newsletter editors have included:
Mary Burch (1971-1978), Diane Hillman (1978-1979), Kathleen Carrick (1979-1982), Mary Miller (1983-1984), Sheila Fehlman (1984-1985), Margaret Irwin (1985-1986), Terry McCormack (1986-1989), Jeannine Lee (1989-1990), Jeannine Lee & Kathie Sullivan (1990-1991), Kathie Sullivan (1991-1992), Kelley Williams (1992-1994), Laurie Hubbard (1994-1996), Barbara Briggs (1996-1999), Ellen Pierino (1999-2001), Judy Weiner (2001-2003), Joe Gerken (co-editor, 2003-2005), Nancy Babb (2003-2009), Jean Callihan (co-editor, 2008-2009), Venessa Hughes (co-editor, 2009; editor 2009-2012), Barbara Briggs (2012-2016), Margaret Jane Ambrose (2016-2017), and Lisa Worhacz (2017- ).


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