Looking to keep abreast of the latest ALLUNY happenings and stay in touch with other members? The ALLUNY-L listserv is our primary tool for discussions. Whether you are looking for information about resources, wondering about events, sharing research ideas, or simply reaching out to your colleagues — the ALLUNY-L listserv is a helpful place.

ALLUNY-L is an unmoderated list for the general discussion of objectives and the announcements of upcoming activities of the Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York, Inc. The main goals of the Association are to develop and advance standards of law library administration; to foster a spirit of cooperation among the many law libraries in the State of New York; to develop and increase the usefulness and efficiency of law libraries; to encourage membership and active participation in the American Association of Law Libraries; and to promote the interests of libraries and members of their staffs. All discussion is welcome!

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