Please direct all questions to  Jean-Paul Vivian, Chair of the Grants Committee, (

To apply click on the ‘Form Links’ to submit an application for the grant or award listed below (email confirmation with summary of your submission will be sent to your email after you have submitted an application):

AALL Annual Meeting Grant: Form Link 

Purpose & Eligibility: Assist ALLUNY members with registration and traveling expenses to AALL annual meeting

Amount:  One or more grants in amounts of up to $500 may be awarded.

Deadline:  April 15th of each calendar year.

AALL Membership Grant: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: Assist ALLUNY member with membership costs to AALL and one Special Interest Section (SIS).

Amount:  Full cost of AALL membership and one SIS.

Deadline: May 1st of each calendar year.

Anthony P. Grech Memorial Award: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: Instituted to honor a member of ALLUNY who, through written or published work, has made significant contributions to the scholarship of law librarianship in New York State. A nomination letter submitted by an ALLUNY member (not the nominee) must be received no later than June 1st of each calendar year.

Deadline:  June 1st of each calendar year.

Ernest H. Breuer Memorial Grant: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: Assist ALLUNY member with registration and traveling expenses to ALLUNY annual meeting

Amount:  One $250 will be awarded.

Deadline: Deadline will be posted with meeting registration materials.

Katie M. Deveau Spirit Award: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: The Katie M. Deveau Spirit Award honors those individuals or groups who perform volunteer service for the greater good without regard for personal gain and who inspire others through their community service. Eligible nominees for this award, which is presented annually at the fall conference, include members of ALLUNY in good standing who volunteer in ANY community service organization OR any individuals or groups (not necessarily ALLUNY members) who make volunteer contributions directly benefiting ALLUNY.

Deadline:  June 1st of each calendar year.

Library Studies Student Grant: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: Assist with registration and traveling expenses of a library science/studies student to attend ALLUNY annual meeting.

Amount:  One $150 grant will be awarded.

Deadline:  Deadline will be posted with registration materials.

Miscellaneous Program Grant: Form Link

Purpose & Eligibility: Cover registration fees to attend conferences, workshops, institutes, etc., sponsored by an association other than ALLUNY or AALL.

Amount:  Multiple grants totaling $200 may be awarded.

Deadline: Deadline for application is one month prior to the published meeting registration deadline.